Create your own PAY BACK

It’s important to keep yourself open to opportunities. As I found out, and find out nearly every day, they can be sitting right next to you, and you don’t know where they may lead you… Continue reading

if you want to be happy, then be happy

Take ownership. Make the choice, set the intention, get up and live on purpose… Continue reading

So long as it’s moving, it’s ok!

“So long as it’s moving, it’s ok”, this is what my godmother Sally said to me once about traffic on the LA freeways, ‘just stay off of it when it’s a parking lot!’. Continue reading

What if we had a ministry of peace?

I tend to ask myself in contemplation, probably like many of us do, what it is that makes us such enemies to ourselves at times? Continue reading

My takes in text

I write. I write and write and write. I write my journals, I write notes, I write facebook posts, I write blogs, I write emails, I may have written a book, too… I write all the time. And now I’m sharing. Continue reading