Event: Dance one year in, kiss one goodbye


This event is designed for those wanting to make the most of the year that is just ending and eager to launch into the new year with refreshed, clear intentions and actions towards living the life they imagine for themselves.

19 December 2017 from 17.30 to 20.30
at Atelier 48bis Rive Droite 48bis, boulevard de la Pétrusse L-2320 Luxembourg Ville

30€ participation
Come as you are, the prerequisite required is curiosity and
the will to make things happen.

There will be drinks and light snacks… and bubbles at the end.

Dance one year in, kiss one goodbye.

Making a balance sheet of a year’s experiences, figuring out if and how they advanced or served us in the bigger picture of where we want to be in life and setting clear goals to work towards is such a powerful practice, yet it can be a hard one to stay focussed on.

Here’s a workshop designed specifically to gain clarity using creative and to the point tools, and to set measurable steps to take towards achieving your goals!

Join us!
Make the most of the past year and launch into 2018 on purpose.

It's your path and yours alone, OWN IT!

It’s your path and yours alone, OWN IT!

Life is a journey, as we like to say, and in this workshop you will take a look at
the path you’re on right now,
the path you walked in 2017 and,
the path you want to take in 2018.

Like for any trip, we will identify which destinations in life you want to head towards, in other words what is it that you want to get done in 2018, and who you want to be, a year from now.

And like for any trip, we will size up the luggage you travel with and check:
what has been useful in the past,
what you want to take with you into the next year and also,
what might be weighing you down and would be best left behind.

The aim is for you to set off with a confirmed sense of clarity of what you want and the next steps you want to take to get there.

This workshop will have you meet with like-minded people around experiential group and individual work in a fun and light experience.

Leave 2017 in gratitude, launch into 2018 on purpose!


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Go Deep Fly High workshops are created and facilitated by certified coaches and leadership trained professionals, who unite around a shared passion for bringing out the best in people.

Laura Schummer CPCC, I accompany people on their journeys

Laura Schummer CPCC, certified professional co-active coach, leadership facilitator, yogi, bodyworker, writer, flight attendant, traveller… and then some.

Your facilitator for this workshop will be Laura Schummer, CPCC.

The workshop will be led in English.