‘I will teach him to ride a bike’

a beautiful reminder that we are in this together. in simple acts of kindness coming from our big open hearts.
person to person. heart to heart.


My heart and arms have this often insufferable yearning to wrap everyone who is hurting, and scared, and lost into them, scoop that little boy up out of his fear and give him a cuddle, teach him how to ride a bike and learn another language from him… him and everyone else.

Looking at the big, yes gigantic, picture is such an overwhelming thing to do, and it can give me a feeling of being so very helpless. 

The thing is, we are not helpless.

While we can’t be everywhere right now, let us remember that there are people right there, right now, brave and generous souls doing their very best to ease that mess that humanity keeps putting itself into,
and it has been brought forward to me that the frontline needs to know that we are right here, right now, too, on our own frontline, DOING OUR BIT to ease us back into to peace – helping from wherever we are.

So yes, on this sunny day in safe Luxembourg, or wherever we are, let’s remember that we have it in us to make a difference, in whichever way of the millions is available to us right now – and sometimes it is all in ‘just’ a smile, a warm look into someone’s eyes, a helping hand, a loving text message. And in times when even that is a struggle, let us remember to self care – because some days are just like that.

‘Put your own mask on, then help others.’
Put it on, then HELP.

Thank you little Alex, and everyone else who does, for triggering us the way you do.