My takes in text

I write.

I write and write and write.

I write my journals, I write notes, I write facebook posts, I write blogs, I write emails, I may have written a book, too… I write all the time.

And often, I keep it to myself. Because I write for myself, really. Like many of us do.

Putting a word to a thought or a feeling tends to help me gain clarity…

Also, and this is something I only discovered, or named, years into my journaling, writing is a form of honouring a moment. I write it down to keep it safe.

See, they fleet by, our moments. They come in a split second, stay a split second, and vanish just as quickly… and if we remember to take them in, then and there, before the next moment wipes the previous moment away with judgement, expectation, hopes or by just being the next moment, we are left with a memory, and maybe even a memory of what they meant to us.

So I collect them, my moments, in writing. 

Why share them?

In a nutshell: because my coach told me so 😉

More to the point, because I want to share. I have gotten so much pleasure and learning from other people sharing that I can’t help but wonder if there may be some bigger use for my two cents worth, too.

My coaching is helping me overcome the scary step, with all it’s buts and maybes and maybenots, between ‘wanting to’ and ‘actually doing’ it.

See, what I write has always been quite a personal matter. Of course, writing IS personal!

At one point, way back when ’email’ first came into our lives and I started leaving the nest, I used to send travel reports home. Until I stopped.
I got self-conscious, afraid that 1- I may hurt someone’s feelings by expressing my own, and 2- by worrying that what I wrote was not interesting enough, and stronger still, not good enough. Maybe even WRONG!

While those voices are still singing in a chorus, I am also technologically a bit ‘overwhelmed’ (as in: just thinking of how to make it work depletes my energy and mood), AND: I am a creative perfectionist with lots of visions.
The creator in me keeps creating, adjusting, always reframing… and the perfectionist keeps saying ‘we’re not there yet.’

I am tired of all that.

So now I’m going with ‘There will never be a perfect time, just start where you are’.

express yourself

express yourself

 As a coach, I’d like to open to my clients, and you reading me now:

This, me sharing, as opposed to me writing, is a result of a lot of coaching, going deep in sessions, leadership rounds and innumerable creative conversations.

This is me responding to an inner desire to fly high and I am following the slightly scary encouragements to do so from my coaches, my leadership tribe, many friends, and colleagues who may not even know it.

This is me stepping in, into vulnerability, fear of failure, fear of success and ultimately fierce courage, trusting that following and opening up on what I enjoy doing is OK.
A secret part of me admits to being chuffed if I were able to feed the world with some entertainment and food for thought, too 😉

I am on my journey and everything I do is part of it. Bear with me if you wish to, I sure like travel companions.

Seat belts tight, the wings are spreading for take-off…

Love, Laura xxo

(April 2015)