Namaskar – the simplest form of yoga

Yoga is the oldest form of personal development. Yoga means union, and in essence, yoga is the search for union – the union of body, mind, spirit and soul, on a higher level it is the search of the individual self to unite with the higher universal self.


The simplest form of yoga, of union, lies in Namaskar – a traditional Indian greeting, it means ‘welcome’ and you bring the palms of your hands together as a sign of respect.

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The physical world is a product of polarities.

Masculine and feminine

Yin and yang

Ida Pingala

Shiva Shakti

Right brain and left brain

The longing to find union of polarities is finding expression through ambition, conquest, love, sex and yoga.
Yoga means union.
The simplest form of yoga is bringing your hands together in Namaskar.
Namaskar brings harmony between the two polarities within…’

– Sadhguru
for the first international yoga day
21 June 2015

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