Want peace? Start with your plate and shoes…

I think, if we want to have peace, we need to start with our plate and shoes.

Friends, I have a confession to make:

The fact that we eat animals breaks my heart.

For more reasons than the hurt we cause them and our health, I believe how we treat animals is an expression of our relationship to each other as a whole.

Peace begins with your plate and your shoes

Cattle in the field

I try to keep quiet and not be that ‘annoying vegetarian’ at dinner conversations with my take on my ‘diet’…
I am always grateful to anyone who goes out of their way to make me a special dish when I’m invited, and I’ll politely reply, because often asked, ‘No, not even fish. No animals‘.

Sometimes, when I feel confident enough to be outspoken, I add, “Nothing that experiences fear of death and runs or swims for their life when they feel in danger.”

I’ve also taken to find an excuse to leave the table, or conversation, when ‘how I like my meat best‘ is discussed – because I have come to find it hard to bear.

What makes me think I must be ‘politely’ quiet about something that actually breaks my heart the more I read, see and think about it?

I stay polite to not upset the comfort of the widely, yet in my mind blindly, accepted norm.

To me, this ‘norm’ of ours, of eating and wearing animals, that I also grew up with and did not question at all until just a few years ago, IS AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE TO MANKIND!

Alas, I am part of this abominable system, most of us are, because it is EVERYWHERE, as I realised once I started looking at what I consume daily, thoughtlessly.
And slowly, but surely, I am breaking away from it by sheer disgust.

See, one day it just clicked for me.
One day I truly realised what I knew: ‘meat’ comes from living beings, like ourselves and our house pets that we are so fond of, ‘meat’ is creatures with a life and a survival instict, like ours… who experience fear and will run to save themselves!

And it is now paining me to be confronted with dead animals prepared as ‘food’.

To me, the ‘meat’ industry is just too cruel to support – yes, I’ll take it a step further:

in my eyes it is hypocritical to finger point at the world in outrage demanding for crime and cruelty to stop, while ‘growing’, slaughtering and consuming animals en masse the way we do.

Peace starts at home.
In everyday gestures and habits.
Let’s be kind.

This is a perspective I offer, food for thought.