‘I will teach him to ride a bike’

a beautiful reminder that we are in this together. in simple acts of kindness coming from our big open hearts.
person to person. heart to heart.


My heart and arms have this often insufferable yearning to wrap everyone who is hurting, and scared, and lost into them, scoop that little boy up out of his fear and give him a cuddle, teach him how to ride a bike and learn another language from him… him and everyone else.

Looking at the big, yes gigantic, picture is such an overwhelming thing to do, and it can give me a feeling of being so very helpless. 

The thing is, we are not helpless.

While we can’t be everywhere right now, let us remember that there are people right there, right now, brave and generous souls doing their very best to ease that mess that humanity keeps putting itself into,
and it has been brought forward to me that the frontline needs to know that we are right here, right now, too, on our own frontline, DOING OUR BIT to ease us back into to peace – helping from wherever we are.

So yes, on this sunny day in safe Luxembourg, or wherever we are, let’s remember that we have it in us to make a difference, in whichever way of the millions is available to us right now – and sometimes it is all in ‘just’ a smile, a warm look into someone’s eyes, a helping hand, a loving text message. And in times when even that is a struggle, let us remember to self care – because some days are just like that.

‘Put your own mask on, then help others.’
Put it on, then HELP.

Thank you little Alex, and everyone else who does, for triggering us the way you do.


Lass’ uns doch Geschichten schreiben, die wir später gerne erzählen! – Julia Engelmann

This poetry jam took me by surprise when I first came upon it very late one night in 2014 – and I watched it again, then a third time, which is when I watched it in ‘slow motion’ and wrote the entire text into my journal. Danke JULIA ENGELMANN.


‘Eines Tages, baby, werde ich alt sein, oh baby, werde ich alt sein, und an all die Geschichten denken, die ich hätte erzählen können.

Fast FAST hätten wir uns mal demaskiert und gesehen, wir sind die gleichen… und dann hätten wir uns FAST gesagt, wie viel wir uns bedeuten…
und, dass wir bloss faul und feige waren, das werden wir verschweigen und uns heimlich wünschen, noch ein bisschen hier zu bleiben…

Wenn wir dann alt sind und unsere Tage knapp, und das wird sowieso passieren, dann erst werden wir kapieren, wir hatten nie was zu verlieren; denn das Leben, das wir führen wollen, das können wir selber auswählen, also

Lass’ uns doch Geschichten schreiben, die wir später gerne erzählen!

Und lass uns mal an uns selber glauben…!’




Dance around the world: my all-time-favourite ;)

This is my ultimate mood lifter.

Always. When I first came across ‘Where the Hell is Matt?’ in 2008 I watched it in a loop for DAYS, and the song has been on all my playlists since. I sing along to it though I still don’t know the actual words. It sends warm chills down my spine as it stirs the never really dormant travel bug in me.


He’s still dancing, by the way: http://www.wheretheheckismatt.com
(March 2016)

Connecting the dots by Steve Jobs

‘Trust in something (…), because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even if it leads you off the well worn path… and that will make all the difference.’

– Steve Jobs

Die Welt braucht Dein Lächeln

Often, mostly, the realizations we experience when we go deep deep deep are of the most simplest of truths. Katia Sterzenbach touched me with this TED talk; and I thank my friend Sandra for sending me this link (it is in German).

World peace begins within, with our own heart at peace.

The simplest way of spreading our inner peace is with a smile. 

When we smile, we carry good thoughts. And smiles are contagious. So give the gift of a smile. Start the ripple effect, over and over again, and start by treating yourself to your own smile.

See what happens when we give ourselves the smiles we give others.

The lollipop moment

Never underestimate the impact we have on others!

Drew Dudley gives them a name, these moments that happen and become significant.

Somebody touches us, gives us a gift, a word, a smile, a hug at the exact right moment… and without knowing it or ever intending to do so, they activate something powerful in us – just by inadvertently meeting a soft spot in our heart or planting a thought in our mind.

Sometimes we realize it in the moment, sometimes we may only remember the gesture years later; and we may only truly GET what we were given a long time after it happens… and yet, it will have had a life-changing impact. The lollipop moment.


Yes, everybody is a leader.