Laura Elise Schummer

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, leadership facilitator, writer, flight attendant, yogi, traveller… and then some.

I accompany people on their journeys.


I have a degree in communications and management and I worked in internal communications, media, corporate & press relations and marketing for 10 years, until I chose to leave the corporate world for new horizons, literally.

Laura Schummer

Laura Schummer. Fierce advocate of the silver lining and restless traveller. Take your journey, let our paths cross.

I became a flight attendant in 2011, and a certified life and leadership coach in 2013.
Since then, I have also completed yoga teacher trainings in India, and a certificate in the treatments of chronic pain through massage in the UK. I have recently been certified as a Points of You – The Coaching Game Practitioner and Trainer.
I attend and facilitate workshops on goal setting, relationship systems, communications, emotional intelligence, change and all things aiming at gaining clarity and ease in this ongoing bootcamp that being a human and feeling being entails.
I am always on a course for something, learning and diving into diversity are just some of my passions.



I have now been professionally accompanying people on their journeys since 2011.
I have been guiding, walking with, sittingwith, flying with, listening to and breathing with my clients through moments of courage and change, nudging and challenging them towards clarity in life, relationships and careers, and I have had the privilege of witnessing growth and successes of all kinds.

I am passionate about living on purpose, stepping into unique potential and creativity, laughing out loud, and finding peace at heart, whichever circumstances life presents us with.

 We are here for a split second.

I am not sure if we’ll ever know that we’ve truly made the most of it.

However, I believe we can get close by living consciously, gratefully, fantastically, moment by moment… by moment.

As your coach and workshop facilitator, I’ll join you for parts of the journeys that are intimately and amazingly yours – I’ll hold up a torch to your perspectives, and a mirror to the opportunities you carry inside, I’ll challenge you fiercely and I’ll have your back as your loudest cheerleader all the way!

Laura x

Laura Schummer, CPCC

Points of You – The Coaching Game Trainer (
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
CTI Leadership Trainer (
Member of the ICF (
Yoga Teacher (RYS 200hours, Sivananda

Based in Luxembourg – connected in the world.
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